Alt Code Tables

Master list of all alt codes for special symbols, characters, and foreign accents.

Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 0169©Copyright
Alt 169®Registered symbol
Alt 0153Trademark
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 0164¤Currency
Alt 156£Pound
Alt 0128Euro
Alt 36$Dollar Sign
Alt 155¢Cent
Alt 157¥Yen
Alt 158Peseta
Alt 159ƒFrank / Gulder
Foreign Languages with Accents
Uppercase Lowercase
Alt Code Symbol Description Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 0192ÀA graveAlt 0224àa grave
Alt 0193ÁA acuteAlt 0225áa acute
Alt 0194ÂA circumflex Alt 0226âa circumflex
Alt 0195ÃA tildeAlt 0227ãa tilde
Alt 0196ÄA umlautAlt 0228äa umlaut
Alt 0199ÇC cedillaAlt 0231çc cedilla
Alt 0200ÈE graveAlt 0232èe grave
Alt 0201ÉE acuteAlt 0233ée acute
Alt 0202ÊE circumflex Alt 0234êe circumflex
Alt 0203ËE umlautAlt 0235ëe umlaut
Alt 0204ÌI graveAlt 0236ìi grave
Alt 0205ÍI acuteAlt 0237íi acute
Alt 0206ÎI circumflex Alt 0238îi circumflex
Alt 0207ÏI umlautAlt 0239ïi umlaut
Alt 165ÑN tildeAlt 164ñn tilde
Alt 0210ÒO graveAlt 0242òo grave
Alt 0211ÓO acuteAlt 0243óo acute
Alt 0212ÔO circumflex Alt 0244ôo circumflex
Alt 0213ÕO tildeAlt 0245õo tilde
Alt 0214ÖO umlautAlt 0246öo umlaut
Alt 0138ŠS caronAlt 0154šs caron
Alt 0218ÚU acuteAlt 0249ùu grave
Alt 0219ÛU circumflex Alt 0250úu acute
Alt 0220ÜU umlautAlt 0251ûu circumflex
Alt 0217ÙU graveAlt 0252üu umlaut
Alt 0221ÝY acuteAlt 0253ýy acute
Alt 0159ŸY umlautAlt 0255ÿy umlaut
Alt 0142ŽZ caronAlt 0158žz caron
Foreign Language Uppercase
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 0192ÀA grave
Alt 0193ÁA acute
Alt 0194ÂA circumflex
Alt 0195ÃA tilde
Alt 0196ÄA umlaut
Alt 0199ÇC cedilla
Alt 0200ÈE grave
Alt 0201ÉE acute
Alt 0202ÊE circumflex
Alt 0203ËE umlaut
Alt 0204ÌI grave
Alt 0205ÍI acute
Alt 0206ÎI circumflex
Alt 0207ÏI umlaut
Alt 165ÑN tilde
Alt 0210ÒO grave
Alt 0211ÓO acute
Alt 0212ÔO circumflex
Alt 0213ÕO tilde
Alt 0214ÖO umlaut
Alt 0138ŠS caron
Alt 0218ÚU acute
Alt 0219ÛU circumflex
Alt 0220ÜU umlaut
Alt 0217ÙU grave
Alt 0221ÝY acute
Alt 0159ŸY umlaut
Alt 0142ŽZ caron
Foreign Language Lowercase
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 0224àa grave
Alt 0225áa acute
Alt 0226âa circumflex
Alt 0227ãa tilde
Alt 0228äa umlaut
Alt 0231çc cedilla
Alt 0232èe grave
Alt 0233ée acute
Alt 0234êe circumflex
Alt 0235ëe umlaut
Alt 0236ìi grave
Alt 0237íi acute
Alt 0238îi circumflex
Alt 0239ïi umlaut
Alt 164ñn tilde
Alt 0242òo grave
Alt 0243óo acute
Alt 0244ôo circumflex
Alt 0245õo tilde
Alt 0246öo umlaut
Alt 0154šs caron
Alt 0249ùu grave
Alt 0250úu acute
Alt 0251ûu circumflex
Alt 0252üu umlaut
Alt 0253ýy acute
Alt 0255ÿy umlaut
Alt 0158žz caron
Greek Letters
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 224αAlpha
Alt 225ßBeta
Alt 226ΓGamma
Alt 235δDelta
Alt 238εEpsilon
Alt 233ΘTheta
Alt 227πPi
Alt 230µMu
Alt 228ΣUppercase Sigma
Alt 229σLowercase sigma
Alt 231τTau
Alt 232ΦUppercase Phi
Alt 237φLowercase Phi
Alt 234ΩOmega
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 48 - 570 - 9zero to nine
Alt Codes for Basic Operators
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 43+Plus Sign
Alt 45-Minus Sign
Alt 0215×Multiplication Sign
Alt 0247÷Obelus / Division sign
Alt Codes for Percents
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 37%Percentage Sign
Alt 0137Per mille (per thousand)
Alt Codes for Bracketing
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 40(Open Bracket
Alt 41)Close Bracked
Alt Codes for Degree of Accuracy
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 241±Plus or Minus
Alt Codes for Fractions
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 47/Fraction seperator
Alt 0188¼Quarter
Alt 0189½Half
Alt 0190¾Three quarters
Alt 46.Decimal Point
Alt Codes for Equality
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 240Exactly Identical
Alt 61=Equals
Alt 247Approximately equal
Alt Codes for Inequality
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 60<Less Than
Alt 62>Greater Than
Alt 242Greater than or equal
Alt 243Less than or equal
Alt Codes for Powers
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 251Square Root
Alt 252Power n
Alt 0185¹To the power of 1
Alt 0178²squared
Alt 0179³cubed
Alt Codes for Trigonometry
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 227πPi
Alt 248°Degree sign
Alt Codes for General Mathematical Symbols
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 35#Number
Alt 236Infinity
Alt 230µMicro
Alt 228ΣSum
Alt 239Intersection
Alt Codes for Integration / Antiderivatives
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 244Top half
Alt 245Bottom Half
Alt Codes for Interrogetary and Exclamatory
Alt CodeSymbolDescription
Alt 33!Exclamation Mark
Alt 19Double Exclamation
Alt 173¡Inverted exclamation mark
Alt 63?Question Mark
Alt 168¿inverted question mark
Alt Codes for Parenthesis
Alt CodeSymbolDescription
Alt 40(Open Bracket
Alt 41)Close Bracked
Alt 91[Open Square Bracket
Alt 93]Close Square Bracket
Alt 123{Open curley bracket
Alt 125}Close curley bracket
Alt Codes for Editing
Alt CodeSymbolDescription
Alt 28Tab Marker
Alt 21§Paragraph
Alt 20Carriage Return
Alt 0134dagger / obelos
Alt 0135double dagger / diesis
Alt Codes for Reported Speech / Quotation
Alt CodeSymbolDescription
Alt 34"Quotation Mark
Alt 0139quotation mark
Alt 0155quotation mark
Alt 0145curly single open quote
Alt 0146curly single close quote
Alt 0147curly double open quote
Alt 0148curly double close quote
Alt 174«Quotation Mark
Alt 175»Quotation Mark
Alt 0130curly single quote
Alt 0132low curly doublequote
Alt Codes for Abbreviation
Alt CodeSymbolDescription
Alt 39'Apostraphe
Alt 96`Angled Apostraphe
Alt 38&Ampersand
Alt 64@At Symbol
Alt Codes for General Punctuation
Alt 58:Colon
Alt 59;Semi-Colon
Alt 44,Comma
Alt 46.Full Stop / Period
Alt 32Space
Alt 255Alternative Space
Alt 0133dot dot dot / ellipsis
Alt 95_Underscore
Alt 0175¯overscore
Alt 124|Bar
Alt 126~Tilda/Squiggle
Alt 0168¨diaresis
Alt 45-Dash or Hyphen
Alt 0151Longer Dash or Hyphen
Alt 22Long Hyphon
Alt 42*Asterisk
Alt 47/Slash
Alt 92\Back Slash
1º and 1ª mean 1st in some languages
Alt 166ªa superscript
Alt 167ºo superscript
Alt Codes for Archaic Punctuation
Alt 0183·interpunct
Special Symbols and Characters
Alt Code Symbol Description
Alt 1White Smiley
Alt 2Black Smiley
Alt 3Heart
Alt 4Diamond
Alt 5Club
Alt 6Spade
Alt 7Bullet 1
Alt 8Bullet 2
Alt 9Bullet 3
Alt 10Bullet 4
Alt 11Male Sign
Alt 12Female Sign
Alt 13Quaver
Alt 14Joined Quavers
Alt 16Play Forward
Alt 17Play Reverse
Alt 254Stop
Alt 30
Alt 31
Alt 23
Alt 24Up Arrow
Alt 25Down Arrow
Alt 26Right Arrow
Alt 27Left Arrow

About Alt Codes:

International Business Machines (IBM) developed a method to place characters that were previously impossible to type with a traditional QWERTY keyboard on the screen. By holding down the ALT key, developers and end users could define the intended character by way of the numeric keypad. The computer system's Basic Internal Operating System (BIOS) subsequently interprets the action and placing the correct corresponding symbol at the location of the cursor.

Such codes became so incredibly popular that although Microsoft decided upon developing additional sets of codes, they also decided to keep the existing Alt codes. The new set designed to coexist with also codes was originally named ANSI, with the old version redesignated as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Codes written in OEM are represented in 3 digits while codes written in ANSI codes begin with a preceding 0.

For the past 20 years, Unicode has seen major adoption by a growing number of systems. The entry of all Unicode characters by the same method of Windows was achieved by many applications yet still couldn't spread to every system. Issues of compatibility with old ANSI codes prevented the entry of every single character.

Alt Code Tips:

  • Depending on the setting of the OEM Code Page, different characters may be produced with the same code.
  • It is critical to have the system's NUM LOCK enabled when typing a character's alt code value.
  • Though it is present on some models, the right-most numeric keypad does NOT exist on most laptops. To still make sufficient use of the functionality, most laptop users are required to use press and hold down the Fn key.

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