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About Tips:

Tips, also known as gratuities, are extra sums of payment made for a particular service provided by a laborer. The accepted amounts vary in different regions. For example, in the nations of Japan, tips are rejected for they are considered highly insulting. However, in Western nations such as the United States, workers expect to be tipped and is often factored into the compensation required for a business to meet the requirements for minimum wage.

Commonly accepted tips based on service:

Services Typical Tip
Restaurants, Bartenders 15%-20%
Food Delivery 15%-20% depending on the distance, total price, etc.
Hotel Room Service Normally the charge is included in the price already. If not, 15-20%
Hotel Housekeeping Not expected, $1-$2 per person per night.
Automotive Services, Mechanic Not expected, Or a few dollar depending on the amount
Mover, Furniture, or Appliance Delivery Not expected, Or $5, $10, $20 each depending on the amount
Plumber, Handyman, Electrician, Cleaner, or Other Home Services Not expected, Or $5, $10, $20 each depending on the amount
Hairstylists, Barber, Nail Service, etc. 10%-20%
Massage 10%-20%
Taxi or Limo Drivers 15%-20%
Shuttle Drivers, Parking Attendant $1-$3
Tour Guides $1-$5 depending on the length of the tour

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