Word Counter

Quickly and easily check word count, character count, and correct writing mistakes by copy/pasting your text into this free online counter tool.

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How to use the Word Counter tool:

To check the number of words in a phrase or paragraph, simply place the cursor into the text box above and either start typing out your words or copy/paste them. The tool will then instantaneously display the number of words and characters identified!

User interface details:

Select the CASE button to convert your inserted text into:

  • Sentence case (ex: "Testing in production.")
  • Title case (ex. "Testing In Production.")
  • Uppercase (ex. "TESTING IN PRODUCTION.")
  • Lowercase (ex. "testing in production".)
  • Select the SAVE button to download a .txt file of your phrase with a complete count of words, characters, and number of spelling/grammar errors.

    Select the CLEAR button to reset the input field and start fresh.

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