Ounces to Gallons conversion

Ounces (oz) to Gallons (gal) conversion calculator and how to convert.

How to convert Ounces to Gallons:

Due to the fact that an ounce measures a unit of weight and a gallon measures a unit of volume, the conversion rate varies based on level of density. The below formulas only offer a generalized equation:

1 ounce is approximately equal to 0.0075 gallons (US).

1 oz ≈ 0.0075 gal

1 ounce is approximately equal to 0.0062 gallons (UK).

1 oz ≈ 0.0062 gal


The volume conversion from ounces to gallons (US) is given by the generalized equation:

V(gal) ≈ 0.0075 * W(oz)

The volume conversion from grams to gallons (UK) is given by the generalized equation:

V(gal) ≈ 0.0062 * W(oz)

Ounces to Gallons conversion table

NOTE: These values are NOT rounded like the above calculator.

Density Ounces (oz) Gallons (gal)
Butter100 oz0.7809 gal
"200 oz1.5619 gal
"300 oz2.3428 gal
"400 oz3.1237 gal
"500 oz3.9047 gal
Bread Flour100 oz1.3617 gal
"200 oz2.7233 gal
"300 oz4.085 gal
"400 oz5.4467 gal
"500 oz6.8083 gal
Rolled Oats100 oz2.4635 gal
"200 oz4.9271 gal
"300 oz7.3906 gal
"400 oz9.8541 gal
"500 oz12.3177 gal
Sugar (granulated)100 oz0.8821 gal
"200 oz1.7642 gal
"300 oz2.6463 gal
"400 oz3.5285 gal
"500 oz4.4106 gal
Sugar (packed brown) 100 oz0.91 gal
"200 oz1.82 gal
"300 oz2.7299 gal
"400 oz3.6399 gal
"500 oz4.5499 gal
Density Ounces (oz) Gallons (gal)
Butter100 oz0.6503 gal
"200 oz1.3005 gal
"300 oz1.9508 gal
"400 oz2.6011 gal
"500 oz3.2513 gal
Bread Flour100 oz1.1338 gal
"200 oz2.2676 gal
"300 oz3.4015 gal
"400 oz4.5353 gal
"500 oz5.6691 gal
Rolled Oats100 oz2.0513 gal
"200 oz4.1026 gal
"300 oz6.154 gal
"400 oz8.2053 gal
"500 oz10.2566 gal
Sugar (granulated)100 oz0.7345 gal
"200 oz1.469 gal
"300 oz2.2035 gal
"400 oz2.9381 gal
"500 oz3.6726 gal
Sugar (packed brown) 100 oz0.7577 gal
"200 oz1.5154 gal
"300 oz2.2732 gal
"400 oz3.0309 gal
"500 oz3.7886 gal

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