Pounds to Liters conversion

Pounds (lb) to Liters (L) conversion calculator and how to convert.

How to convert Pounds to Liters:

Due to the fact that a pound measures a unit of weight and a liter measures a unit of volume, the conversion rate varies based on level of density. The below formulas only offer a generalized equation:

1 pound is approximately equal to 0.45 liters.

1 lb ≈ 0.45 L


The volume conversion from pounds to liters is given by the generalized equation:

V(L) ≈ 0.45 * W(lb)

Pounds to Liters conversion table

NOTE: These values are NOT rounded like the above calculator.

Density Pounds (lb) Liters (L)
Butter1 lb0.47 L
"2 lb0.95 L
"3 lb1.42 L
"4 lb1.89 L
"5 lb2.36 L
Bread Flour1 lb0.82 L
"2 lb1.65 L
"3 lb2.47 L
"4 lb3.3 L
"5 lb4.12 L
Rolled Oats1 lb1.49 L
"2 lb2.98 L
"3 lb4.48 L
"4 lb5.97 L
"5 lb7.46 L
Sugar (granulated)1 lb0.53 L
"2 lb1.07 L
"3 lb1.6 L
"4 lb2.14 L
"5 lb2.67 L
Sugar (packed brown) 1 lb0.55 L
"2 lb1.1 L
"3 lb1.65 L
"4 lb2.2 L
"5 lb2.76 L

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